Are you looking for financial independence? A secure job? Steady work?
There's never been a better time to be in the trucking business.
Owner Operators are in high demand and pay scales are on the rise. At Gilco Trucking, trucking jobs abound.
Trucking agencies are experiencing increased demands for their services. Gilco Trucking has plenty of agent opportunities to offer.
Shippers are in desperate need of reliable, reputable companies to move their freight. This is the reason Gilco has such a surplus of great agent opportunities.

With a shortage of drivers in our industry, more and more suppliers are turning to smaller trucking companies like those of the TSS Group to extend their reach. The TSS Group is overrun with great agent opportunities. TSS Group trucking agents are seeing their profits soar, and there is room for even greater growth. That's why we are actively recruiting new agents and owner/operators in all areas. If you want an agent opportunity Gilco Trucking is looking to give you that agent opportunity. Gilco Trucking will even help you get financially going in your new agent opportunity, contact us for details.

If you've ever thought about running your own trucking company as a trucking agent, now is the time to give it serious consideration. If you've got what it takes to run a profitable business, we'd like to talk with you. The TSS Group companies are thriving and growing and we are actively recruiting aggressive new partners to expand our reach. We offer you the backing of a solid, proven company and resources to help qualified agents get started on their way to financial independence. If you’ve ever wanted an agent opportunity Gilco is the place with it’s plethora of great agent opportunities.
Let us handle the paperwork and DOT compliance,
You run the Trucks and make the Money!
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Why Gilco?
We offer an industry leading Commissions Program, free Software, and the Superior Cash Flow needed to make your Business Succeed.
How to Qualify for a $10,000 Reward
To qualify you must sign on with Time Dispatch Services, Inc. or one of the other TSS carrier subsidiaries and produce over 1 Million a year in revenue.