Brokerage Agent

If you are a proven brokerage agent running your own business, the TSS Group can help make you more successful.

If you have a strong background in the trucking industry as a terminal manager, marketing representative or other relevant field, and want to parlay your skills into your own business, the TSS Group can get you started as part of our successful team of brokerage agents who run their own brokerage agencies under our flagship company.

The TSS Group makes it easy for you to drive your business to
financial independence.
Find out how
No Company Respects, Admires, and Supports the entrepreneurial spirit of the independent brokerage agent as much as the TSS Group. The TSS Group has built it’s success by building the success of many brokerage agents around the country. For those who have had the dream, desire and motivation to start their own business but just couldn't find the working capital required for a start-up operation, the TSS Group can turn those dreams into reality by providing the financial assistance. One way we do this by offering our brokerage agents weekly draws for office and operating expenses. And for brokerage agents who have an on going business with growth opportunities but can not take advantage of them because of a lack of support and financial assistance, the TSS Group can provide the support and financial assistance required in order for you to take advantage of those opportunities.
We offer our Brokerage Agents
No Agent Escrow
Brokerage Agents are paid weekly
Long-term financial strength and backing of a solid, proven, growth-oriented, highly regarded, independent trucking organization
Potential to earn in excess of $1 million in revenue
Higher commission rates than carriers using independent agents
Financial support for office start-up expenses
Start-up expertise based on starting more than 8 brokerage agencies in the US
We supply all programs and computer equipment needed to operate
Exceptional support network
Completely automated processes to make paperwork as easy as possible with full, free, technical support
Complete credit checks of potential new clients to ensure you will get paid
Optional medical and dental insurance plans at great group rates
Monthly newsletter for brokerage agents to help keep you updated on changes in legislation affecting your business and general information about our company and its people
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